An X-ray technician’s mobile AWS is combined with a physician’s review workstation in the DIARM MW providing the following functionality:

  • Receive data from a flat-panel digital X-ray detector
  • Prepare lists of examinations
  • View X-ray examination results
  • Perform quick, precise and effective diagnosis
  • Wide range of capabilities for review, analysis, transfer and storage of digital images
  • Print images with a thermal printer

All of the essential parts of the DIARM MW are in a waterproof, shock resistant plastic case. This case is equipped with wheels for transportation, a retractable handle, a pressure valve and hand-carry handle. The transportable case also allows for travel across long distances and quick setup under field conditions.

All connections with the notebook (power supply, USS-ports, Ethernet) are made through a port replicator installed in the case, allowing the user to quickly remove and reconnect the notebook when necessary.

List of components:

  • Waterproof, shock resistant case (IP67)
  • Industrial notebook (15″ display)
  • Detector holder with built-in grid
  • 35x43cm Wireless Digital X-ray Detector with capability for a wired connection if needed
  • 2 batteries for the detector, together with a charging station
  • Wireless mouse
  • 10 CD-R disks for data export
  • USB connector for copying data onto flash storage
  • Capability for both Wireless and Ethernet connected PACS


  • External dimensions of the system (l x w x h): 680 x 680 x 260mm
  • Weight: not more than 35kg (depending on configuration)