About Us

Medical Scientific Ltd. was established in May of 1995 for the purpose of assisting other international manufacturers in developing new Medical Systems and Devices in the field of Diagnostic Imaging in cooperation with OEM companies.

Medical Scientific Ltd. has established business relationships with companies in various countries. Our business model is structured on forging long-term, strategic alliances with carefully selected partner companies for the purpose of assisting them to create new medical products. Upon completion of development, our company supplies a wide range of key components for the manufacturing of these products.

Medical Scientific Ltd. is instrumental in supporting its strategically selected partner companies, manufacturers of medical equipment, through cooperation on new product development projects. These various Research and Development projects are forged with the common goal of creating new and advanced medical systems in the field of Diagnostic Imaging. Over the years, we have helped other companies to design various systems used in a broad spectrum of applications such as General Radiography/Fluoroscopy, Mammography, CT and MRI. More recently, one of these projects has resulted in the co-development of a new line of Digital Flat Panel Detectors.

Medical Scientific Ltd. also focuses on the supply of various medical equipment systems and components. We cultivate business partnerships with many of the leading international manufacturing suppliers of medical equipment, components, and medical consumables. We are an established key supplier of medical diagnostic imaging systems and components such as Radiographic/Fluoroscopic rooms, X-Ray Tubes, H.F. Generators, Image Intensifiers, Grids, H.V. Cables, Patient Tables for X-Ray Systems, MRI Magnets, Flat Panel DR Detectors, etc.

Over the years, Medical Scientific Ltd. has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy partner. With a cumulative experience of several decades in the medical diagnostic imaging field, our knowledge and familiarity with this type of equipment has allowed us to continue thriving as the technology around us changes. We look forward to lasting success, prosperous relationships and forming new partnerships.